The Woman Who Vanished – About Sophia Nixon

A controversial memoir that rocked the world and was criticized by every right-thinking person, Sophia Nixon’s “Disappeared” is based on facts and is a must read for all. The book tells of how Sophia Nixon, widow of Richard Nixon, made a series of dangerous decisions while she was in the final stages of her husband’s life. It tells of her search for answers after her husband’s death and what the aftermath has led to. In this most revealing book, we get to know what really happened during those final hours of Richard Nixon’s life. It tells of the pivotal moments before, during and immediately after his death.

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The book starts with the murder of John Kennedy by a hit man linked to the former president. Then we are told of the “dirty tricks” that were used by various government agencies to cover up the entire event, and how these attempts played itself out in the media and in the courts of law. We learn about how the press helped keep the lid on the entire affair, and how the FBI and CIA were involved in covering up information on the event. We are told of how in the weeks before the assassination, FBI agents concerned over possible Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities tried to obtain a copy of his license plate. This is important as the license plate was used by the shooter in carrying out the assassination.

The most riveting part of the book however, is the fact that it is written by a surviving Nixon mistress, Ella Waters. Ms. Nixon writes with a razor-sharp wit and a very loyal attitude towards her former lover. We also get to know about her personal hell that she had to endure at the hands of her lover, and how that relationship affected not just her but also numerous other people. The book will go down to the very roots of one of the most shocking events in American history and show us how the powerful political machine operates to protect its interests, even when it hurts those same interests later.

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